Who is Kievit

Kievit's headquarters is based in Meppel in the northern part of The Netherlands, and has been in business since 1894. As well as being the name of a bird common around these parts, Kievit was the name of the company's founder.


By using an advanced spray-drying and micro-encapsulation process, Kievit can effectively and efficiently anticipate the various requirements of the different markets of the world.


With its wide variety of ingredients, Kievit serves virtually every sector of the food industry.


Over the years, Kievit has also become a synonym for quality. In our business, there is no place for compromise when it comes to customers' needs, regardless of whether those needs relate to quality, standards or functionality.


Ingredients and innovation

We deliver a large portfolio of ingredients and contribute

significantly to our customers' product innovation processes.


::: Kievit's facility is a flexible, multi-purpose spray-drying plant that makes it possible to develop and produce the right functionality for each customer.


::: The development process is managed by multi-disciplinary teams, whose role it is to find that "right" solution for every customer.


::: These teams have access to modern technical equipment and in-house engineering capabilities.