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Functional blends

The demand for dairy based produce is increasing as health conscious consumers around the world enjoy the natural taste and goodness of milk.

Our functional blends under the Satro® brand allow extra flavour, colouring and functional ingredients like vitamins to be added to a variety of dairy based products from sweet yoghurts and dessert to savoury cream cheese and crème fraiche.

We understand that authentic creaminess and pure flavour need to be combined with a smooth mouth feel and sensory perfection. With a process-optimised stabilisation system for the production of pH-neutral milk mixes, we can ensure this is the case.

Working closely with our team of experts, customers can alter the specifications, managing the sweetness levels as well as flavourings and vitamins, resulting in the perfect blend to suit their application needs.

In fact we are deeply passionate about this type of customisation. Collaborating with our customers on new product development is key to our success as market leader and keeps us both one step ahead of the competition.

Our functional blends ingredients

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