Vana-Lata FM870: the first generation clean label ingredient for China

In China, a clean label is very important. Chinese consumers look at information on food labels, e.g. according to a Mintel study over half of the Chinese consumers look whether the product contains additives or preservatives and 43% wants to know whether the product is organic or green food certificated. However, clean label encompasses many different elements. It addresses consumer demands on three main levels: safety, health and sustainability. FrieslandCampina Kievit helps food manufacturers to provide consumers with a clear and clean label for a wide range of milk teas and coffees. With its new ingredient, Vana-Lata FM870, Kievit’s customers can create a label containing formulated milk powder. Besides a clean label, the ingredient offers a balanced milk tea taste profile, an excellent stability and solubility.

Real dairy components

Vana-Lata FM870 contains real dairy components. FrieslandCampina Kievit is part of Royal FrieslandCampina, the 5th largest dairy company in the world. We are a dairy cooperative with 19,000 member farmers in NL, Belgium, Germany.  Well cared-for cows and the skill and professionalism of our member dairy farmers are the basis for good quality milk. We own the entire chain: from glass to glass. Watch our video here!


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