Our creaminess portfolio promises indulgently creamy coffee, marrying the premium experience consumers associate with an out-of-home treat with the convenience of an instant drink.

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Consumers the world over crave creaminess in their coffee. But different cultures have different interpretations of creaminess. FrieslandCampina Kievit has immersed itself in creaminess, conducting in-depth research to understand what creaminess means to the world. We have cracked the creaminess code. Curious? Check out our new creaminess video!

Creaminess as the ultimate in luxury and indulgence

The trend for creamy treats as the ultimate in luxury and indulgement continues to rise. Around the globe people nowadays prefer a cappuccino over a plain black coffee to indulge in the moment and have a quick escape from the daily stress. While creaminess is an important attribute in appealing to consumers and creating premium brands, defining precisely what creaminess means to different countries and cultures is key.

The challenge

While the three main creamer functionalities are milkiness, creaminess and whitening, the subtleties and taste references for the perfect creamer are vastly diverse for every region across the world. We have worked to understand the regional preferences, and developed a creaminess portfolio that delivers the required taste, mouthfeel and texture, along with sweetness, thickness and filming and whitening properties.

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The solution

Our creaminess portfolio of five different products transforms a simple coffee into a sensory celebration. Our solutions focus on Asian countries and can be used to fine-tune attributes such as sweetness, softness, whitening, filming and coffee/roasted flavour, making a mundane coffee magical. Different cultural subtleties, taste preferences and definitions of creaminess can also be accommodated to create superior creaminess, coupled with instant convenience and a recognizable label.

La crème de la crème
As the in-home coffee market continues to grow, consumers expect at home an indulgently creamy cup of coffee that in an instant replicates the quality they expect from their favourite café. The FrieslandCampina Kievit creaminess portfolio caters to different definitions of creaminess across the world, allowing recipes to be fine-tuned to meet and exceed consumers’ expectations.