Extensive creaminess research

Consumers across the world enjoy creamy coffee. But different cultures have different interpretations of creaminess. FrieslandCampina Kievit has conducted in-depth research into understanding what creaminess means to different people. Some highlights of this study are available as download.

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8 leading attributes of creaminess

FrieslandCampina Kievit’s study has revealed eight aspects of creaminess which can be used to define creaminess around
the world: sweetness, creamy flavour, white/crème colour, thickness, softness, filming, coffee/roasted flavour, and milky flavour.

Different definitions across the world

By identifying these aspects and delivering them according to local preferences, we have cracked the creaminess code for this fast-growing instant coffee market. This deep understanding makes us the perfect partner to support your creamy end-consumer products. Whatever your market, and whatever creaminess means to you, we can help you turn a simple coffee into a sensory celebration based on creaminess experience.

New creaminess portfolio

Based on the insights from our study, we refined our portfolio in new ways and even introduce a new product. Our portfolio, primarily focusing on several countries in Asia, promises indulgently creamy coffee, marrying the premium experience consumers associate with an out-of-home treat with the convenience of an instant drink.

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