First whipping agent made of refined non-HVO coconut oil and a palm free emulsifier: Vana®-Monte DP96

Kievit launches a revolutionary whipping agent: Vana®-Monte DP96, the first topping base that is made of refined non-HVO coconut oil and and a palm free emulsifier, addressing the clean label trend and offering a superior experience.

Imagine rich, luxurious desserts or baked goods with perfect aeration and a smooth, clean mouth feel, allowing consumers to enjoy their treat at every level. Our new whipping agent combines a neutral taste with great texture and stability offering an indulgent experience that lasts with every mouth full.

The trend

Consumers are more and more aware of what is in their products and choose consciously. Food manufacturers see a trend towards non-HVO products and clean labelling. Moreover, food products need to deliver high quality indulgent products.

The challenge

So far no whipping agent was made completely of refined non-HVO and non-palm vegetable oils and emulsifiers. FrieslandCampina Kievit channeled its innovative powers to enhance the existing non-HVO topping range Vana-Monte DP9x.

The solution

Vana®-Monte DP96 was developed, offering improved product performance in diverse application areas. It enhances the original taste and offers a sensational experience. It is based on non-HVO coconut oil and and a palm free emulsifier.

Extending the Vana®-Monte range with the innovative DP96 opens door to unique product applications such as cake fillings, ice creams and desserts which are both nutritionally well-balanced and delicious.