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FrieslandCampina Kievit launches sensational new creamers

August 12, 2014

FrieslandCampina Kievit recently launched Creamer 2.0: a line-up of new sensational creamers. While the three main creamer functionalities are milkiness, creaminess and whitening, the subtleties and taste references for the perfect creamer are vastly diverse for every region across the world.

The new sensational creamer portfolio consists of six milky products, all ranging in taste profile and content of milk derived ingredients. For every region, a smart, a premium and an excellent milky solution was created.

Additionally consumer preference mapping of 3-in-1 coffee products has been provided, working out value propositions and original application concepts for our customers.


New reality


The journey started with understanding. We understood that there was a need for creamers with outstanding sensory attributes. The explosion in specialty coffee shops and the growing popularity of in-home brewing systems have given consumers a taste for higher quality and greater variety. The industry faces a need for more indulgent, full, milky creamers. In addition to this, we have seen that creamers are downgraded in the past because of value engineering.

“Noticing the necessity of innovative value adding creamers, we wanted to turn creamers into attractive speciality ingredients that customers can use to develop appealing smart, premium and/or excellent products that consumers like,” says Luc Steenwelle, global product group manager creamers at FrieslandCampina Kievit.

“We are very enthusiastic about what we have achieved: Innovative, engaging new products. It is these products in combination with an exciting look and a strong team working behind the scenes, that make the new concept a success for our customers”, Luc adds.

View the Creamer 2.0 infomercial and read more about Creamer 2.0.