“Consumers want their creamy soups and sauces to taste fresh,” says Gea de Groot, global product group manager Food Ingredients at FrieslandCampina Kievit. “Moreover we see that they prefer all natural labels.”

Bringing a freshness sensation and clean label possibilities to savoury applications

On the hunt for the ultimate sensation in savoury applications such as soups and sauces, consumers nowadays look for freshness. Our Vana-Lata cream milk powders deliver just that freshness consumers crave in creamy shiitake soups, tomato soups, bechamel sauce, mashed potatoes and many more applications. Moreover, based on their cream content, they allow for clear and transparent consumer labelling. Although  local legislation can vary, the use of Vana-Lata allows for the easily understandable labels consumers expect and look for.

NEW Vana-Lata CB72B:
the multi-faceted cream milk powder

Are you looking for a high-quality premium ingredient to address the freshness trend, as well as the clean label developments in soup and sauces? Within our cream line-up of around ten cream-based and cream-enriched ingredients, a true hero ingredient is our Vana-Lata CB72B. This all-rounder provides exactly the taste sensation and clean labelling that consumers yearn. Moreover, the ingredient promises superb whitening power.

Explore the new Vana-Lata CB72B and dive into the possibilities of our other instant cream ingredients!

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