Our dairy-based ingredients for single-serve coffee makers help to replicate the indulgence of a coffee-shop treat, creating an affordable luxury that can be enjoyed in the home.

Discover our solutions for single-serve coffee capsules and pods

Single-serve coffee is on the rise! So pour yourself a cup, or indeed a cappuccino, latte macchiato, cafe au lait, cortado or espresso, and view our short video of foaming creamers for single-serve capsules and pods. See what you can do with our Vana®-Cappa solutions.

Adding a dairy dimension to in-home one-cup brewing systems

As Italian style coffees gain ground, consumer preferences are shifting from multi-serve to single-pod, and from black coffee to greater variety in coffees with milk. The coffee bar culture, and increasing interest in a ‘clean’ label, are also driving demand for high quality coffee products with a premium look and feel. According to Euromonitor (January 2017), the upward trend in one-cup brewing systems is set to continue, with growth of a further 20% by 2020.

The capsule coffee challenge

There is a clear evolution within the coffee industry as in-home brewing systems seek to recreate the cafe experience and quality in an affordable solution. Formulating for future trends towards more milky one-cup coffees, coupled with push-button convenience and familiar ingredients on the label, remain key challenges.

Solutions that transform the pod and capsule experience

FrieslandCampina Kievit’s ingredients transform single-serve pods and capsules into speciality drinks with the rich dairy taste and creaminess consumers crave. Our portfolio boasts excellent solubility, superior foam performance and an attractive price/quality ratio.

A single-serve solution
Our dairy-based ingredients for single-serve coffee capsules and pods support shifting trends in coffee consumption, and are suitable for all types of single-serve in-home brewing systems. As powders that primarily consist of real milk, they also meets consumer demand for natural ingredients and push-button convenience.