Excellent decoration properties, creamy taste combined with lasting stability

Our new Vana®-Monte DP570 powder topping delivers superb firmness and lasting foam stability, in both cool and warm countries. And precisely because it comes in powder form, it promises easier storage, especially in warm climates.

The challenge

There is growing demand for high quality bakery toppings that retain their aeration and firmness so cakes and bakes look appealing on the shelf. In the Middle East, however, there are the added challenges of a hot climate which can leave toppings looking less than appetising, and an economy under pressure.

The solution: New Vana®-Monte DP570

Vana®-Monte DP570 is an alternative to both liquid and to powder toppings. Its key benefit is that toppings retain their supreme firmness and stability at ambient temperature. As a powder solution, it has a long shelf life and can be stored at ambient temperature. The end-result with Vana®-Monte DP570 is a perfect aerated cake with a smooth appearance and swirls with beautiful clean sharp edges. With a full body and warm mouthfeel it will taste clean and creamy.

Multiple benefits of Vana-Monte DP570

Excellent decoration properties

Key benefit of Vana®-Monte DP 570: it offers excellent decoration properties and delivers a cake with smooth appearance and sharp edges. It also has good acid stability and solubility, delivers fast aeration, and is Halal and Kosher

Supreme firmness and stability

Moreover, a second benefit of Vana®-Monte DP570 is that it shows a high overrun. Combined with supreme firmness and stability, it enables bakers to create attractive displays to tempt consumers.

Creamy and clean taste

In addition, the topping promises a superb clean taste profile and a full body and warm mouthfeel making it score high on creaminess.

Tip-top toppings

In the competitive bakery market, presentation is key. Simply use a baker’s knife to spread cakes with Vana®-Monte DP570 easy-to-use powder topping for a delicious cake that will more than hold its own.

Firm, stable, simple and lasting: say goodbye to collapsing creams and watery whipped toppings. Vana®-Monte DP570 promises excellent spreadability and lasting foam firmness at ambient temperature, with the added storage benefits of a powder.