Boost foam texture with our new foaming creamer range

Our new foaming creamers transform an Italian style coffee into a real pleasure. See it yourself and get excited.

Our stunning new foaming creamers are created for instant Italian specialties such as cappuccino and café latte. Directly addressing the market need for superior foam capabilities and delicious taste, our new foaming creamers are also available as Non-HVO variant.

Coffee bars set the scene

The trend started in coffee bars, where countless people flocked to enjoy the luxurious coffee experience. The world fell in love with Italian coffee specialties, the ultimate indulgence and enjoyment in a cup.

The challenge

To recreate the same glorious experience, in comfort and convenience, at home. The need was for variety, indulgence and a premium experience of luxury and pleasure. Moreover, consumers want to know more and more what is in their products.

The solution

Creamy, delicious foam innovation from Kievit. Adding extra texture, our new foaming creamers, also in a non-hydrogenated coconut oil variant, recreate the beautiful, frothy foam coffee that connoisseurs appreciate.

Besides great foam capabilities, our new foamers offer versatility to our customers. Products can be tailored to suit individual needs; various sensory features can be adjusted to create premium as well as more affordable solutions. Moreover, our foaming creamers work perfectly in combination with our standard creamers!