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Explore the world of “free from”

July 29, 2016

First of their kind innovations, the new Vana®-Monte DP97 and Vana®-Grasa 75M 064 unlock the door to the world of “Free From”. Addressing the need for sustainable dairy-free alternatives, our ingredients can be used to develop exciting recipes safe in the knowledge they are free from both palm and dairy. Vegan-friendly, the end-applications such as lemon mousses, muffins and ice-cream will not compromise on taste and functionality. The ingredients are “free from”, yet rich in the applications.

As the health food market continues to expand, consumers are demanding products that are free from palm, e-numbers, dairy, gluten and allergens and often they look for more sustainable products. Consumers pay more attention to sourcing and ingredients and are willing to pay for products which enrich their lives. Food manufacturers need to be able to create products that are clean label, non-HVO, non-palm and vegan-friendly – without compromising on taste or functionality.

Cutting edge innovations
The innovative Vana®-Monte DP97 and Vana®-Grasa 75M 064 are made from non-HVO coconut oil and palm free emulsifiers. They are suitable for dairy-free products, vegan-friendly and free from e-numbers.

Reinvent the desserts and pastry applications
It’s time for a dessert revolution. Rethink the old recipes and create new unique sales points to develop market reach. Our premium ingredients can be used to create rich, smooth ice-cream flavours, tasty fruit mousses and perfect baked goods like muffins.

The perfect vegan blend
Mixing well with water and other dairy free milks like almond and soy, our ingredients create the perfect vegan blend.