The challenge for Vana®-Monte DP1000

Customers showed an interest in a combination of the advantages of a liquid and a powder whipping agent. We decided to take up the challenge of creating a new topping combining the benefits of both whipping agents.

Benefits of Vana®-Monte DP1000

Cost advantage

On top of the high-end performance clients achieve an additional cost advantage, because Vana®-Monte DP1000 does not need to be kept chilled. Moreover, transportation and storage costs are lower, because less volume is transported / stored.


Vana®-Monte DP1000 brings additional flexibility of use. With one raw material, many different textures and mouthfeel profiles can be achieved.


Less volume and weight is transported with the Vana®-Monte DP1000 compared to a liquid whipping agent. Besides a cost advantage this also results in lower energy consumption during transport and storage and less emissions.

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