Fluffy and Frothy Drink Topper

Kievit’s unique instant milk cap powder creates a delectable creamy topper on a variety of beverages and desserts. This product is quick and easy to prepare even by hand: simply add water or milk to the powder, stir, and layer the foam on any drink. This milk cap powder adds an indulgent layer, irresistible texture, and taste for truly Instagrammable beverages and desserts. To top it all off, this creamy topper stays frothy and fluffy for hours making it perfect for to-go or takeaway orders.


Milk Tea
Smoothies / Milkshakes
Bottled Drinks

Key Attributions

Convenient and creamy milk cap

  • Halal
  • GMO-Free
  • 15-month shelf life
  • Available in 500g Pouch

Functional Properties

– Creaminess



Whitening Effect

Caramel Notes

Featured Recipes

From comforting drinks to inventive beverages, here are inspiring recipes you can indulge in.

Layered Cake Shake

Dark Chocolate Milk Tea

Avocado Cheese Shake

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Chocolate Cookie Mocha Frappe